One way we encourage people to fully participate in the life of the church is by offering our time and talent. We believe that stewardship of our finances is an important part in our journey of faith.

Online Giving

Online giving is a great way to continue your giving through one-time donations or regular, recurring donations. You can also give to Special Offerings, Deacon’s Fund, FISH of Cowlitz County, or Hagar’s Community Church!

Mailing Gifts

You can send your gifts in the mail. 

Please send checks to:
Longview Presbyterian Church
PO Box 1613
Longview, WA 98632

Special Offerings

LPC participates in the PC(USA)’s four church-wide Special Offerings to help share Christ’s love with millions of people around the world. Learn more about the four offerings by clicking below.

Deacon’s Fund

The ministry of the Board of Deacons is one of compassion, witness, and service. The Deacons provide temporary assistance, both financial and practical, to the faith community of Longview Presbyterian Church under the authority of the Session.

FISH of Cowlitz County

Beginning in 1971, FISH of Cowlitz County has been fulfilling its mission of giving immediate help to people in need.

FISH enables people to get food, fill prescriptions, see a dentist, pay overdue water or PUD bills, get footwear or clothing required for a new job or fill a variety of other emergency needs.

Hagar’s Community Church

Hagar’s Community Church is a Sanctuary for God’s Beloved Exiles at the WCCW. our mission is to give the individuals incarcerated their own Christian community through which they might explore their spirituality and encounter the proclamation and experience of God’s love.

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